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This agreement describes terms of service for CashCrusader Software (later "the script" or "the product"). The service is provided by PolarWeb Ltd (FI20182315).

  • 1.0 Refund Policy
  • 2.0 License
  • 2.1 License Transfers To New Domain Name
  • 2.2 License Recoveries
  • 2.3 Selling Purchased License To A Third Party
  • 2.4 Voting Permission
  • 2.5 Updates Permission
  • 2.6 Support
  • 3.0 European Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • 4.0 Governing Law
  • 5.0 Force Majoure
  • 6.0 Warranty

  1.0 Refund Policy

As a downloadable product, all script sales are final and no refunds will be issued. PolarWeb Ltd provides an online demo version of the script for customers to get familiar with the product before purchase.

All services are non-redundable after the service has been provided or started. If the customer provides refund request for a service before the service has been started, the related payment will be refunded.

  2.0 License

A license consists of a license key and a serial number. With a license the customer can operate a CashCrusader Software powered website on one (1) Internet domain name. License is automatically emailed to the customer's email address after payment processor notifies PolarWeb Ltd's system of a completed adequate payment.

  2.1 License Transfers To New Domain Name

Generally script licenses are not transferable to another domain. Some exceptions are:

  • An unused license can be bound to a new domain name. Unused license is a license which has not been used in an active or launched site.
  • If the ICANN registrar holding the domain is defunct and the domain is lost with the registrar.

Each license transfer case is assessed individually. To get a license transfer approved, the owner of the license needs to explain the situation with the domain with adequate detail and provide a proof of purchase for the license he or she wants to transfer. Acceptable proof of purchase can be a screenshot of the original payment for the license.

  2.2 License Recoveries

A lost script license can be recovered through a helpdesk ticket. For approved recovery request, the customer needs to provide:

  • Proof of the original purchase, for example a screenshot of the payment confirmation
  • Domain which is bound to the license

  2.3 Selling Purchased License To A Third Party

A purchased license may be sold to a third party, but the services as described in sections 2.1 and 2.2 are only available upon showing a proof of the original purchase.

  2.4. Voting Permission

Each license provides four (4) votes for the owner of the license. These votes can be cast via Feature Voting Page. The votes can be updated any time. The voting results are used to define how much certain features are wanted and the votes do not bind PolarWeb Ltd.

  2.5. Updates Permission

Each license has a set date which defines a moment of time when updates permission expires. During the time period, between the purchase and the expiration date, customer can access updates for the script. After the updates permission expires, the customer maintains access to versions which have been released during this time period.

After updates permission expires, the customer can extend the permission by purchasing renewal service.

  2.6. Support

Support for the script includes debugging error scenarios related to the script and providing general assistance. Support does not include creation of new features or support for third party products or services. Support also does not include training or any daily site operation service.

Support is available as long as the updates permission (see 2.5.) lasts. Once the updates permission has expired, the customer is not entitled to script support anymore.

  3.0 European Value Added Tax (VAT)

For purchases originating from the European Union (EU), a Value Added tax of 23% is included in the purchase sum. PolarWeb Ltd has VAT id FI20182315. This id can be verified from http://ec.europa.eu/.

  4.0 Governing Law

PolarWeb Ltd and the agreement is governed by the laws of country of Finland. All disputes arising out of or relating to the agreement shall be resolved by the district court of Helsinki, Finland.

  5.0 Force Majoure

In the event of delayed service, PolarWeb Ltd shall not be held responsible if the surrounding situation is out of PolarWeb Ltd's control. This includes, but is not limited to, forces of the nature, significant Internet failute, strikes or failure by the customer to provide adequate details relating to the purchased service.

  6.0 Warranty

PolarWeb Ltd guarantees that the script functions as shown by the online demo version of the script. The guarantee applies to sites running on Internet servers fulfilling the software requirements as described on the script requirements page.

Editing script files, other than those for the appearance of the website, voids warranty and any responsibility PolarWeb Ltd has towards the functionality of the script.

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