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Other plugins

Please notice that these are 3rd party plugins for CashCrusader script. We do not provide any varanty nor support for these plugins.

You can purchase these plugins from PolarWebServices

To get your plugin(s) listed here please contact our helpdesk.

Click on to view more details about the plugin and to hide details

Member Booster Manager Plug-in - Cash Plugins
Many small ptr and newly established ptr sites have problems in attracting new members, a larger memberbase means more opportunities to sell ads, most newly established sites and small sites try to promote their programs in larger PTR sites, costing them lots of cash with unguaranteed results, in addition when advertising your ptr site at another ptr, it will give credit to the other ptr site advertised on. This plugin will not only make it much easier and faster to attract new members, but also it will generate additional revenue source for the site through selling invitations,more info is below, members also would like to find a way to get more guaranteed referrals without losing lot of cash on advertising, guaranteed signups have proved that they can hurt the site by attracting many inactives who are interested in the signup reward only, and there have not been a way to watch it closely, members area looking for new ways to build a downline of only interested active people.. this plugin is for them as well, and you can earn more revenue for your site by selling them invitations that comes with a gift or an upgrade for their referrals.

For more information and demo please visit Here Price: $35.00 Click here to purchase this plugin
CodeClips - PolarScripts / PolarWebServices
Have you ever wanted to add small extras to your site? Like pending payouts? With this plugin you can add following enhancements to your site:

  • Age of users account
  • Status of users account
  • PTP status of user, active/suspended (requires CashPlugins PTP)
  • Payout queue (requires Payout Organizer 1.10 or above)
  • Site debt (points and cash)
  • Real mails in queue (shows mails waiting to be sent, not all mails like original CC code)
  • ContestPTC winners (requires Contest PTC plugin)
  • Referred members statistics (amount of active/suspended/inactive referrals)
  • View amount of members you have from regular "tiers"
  • View amount of suspended and canceled members you have on your site

Price: $12.00 Click here to purchase this plugin
IMAP Mail Check Bounced eMail Handler - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
CC Scrubber (DB Maintenance) - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
Hall of Fame - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
Hall of Shame - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
Tracking Hit Counter - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]

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