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Contest and game plugins

Please notice that these are 3rd party plugins for CashCrusader script. We do not provide any warranty nor support for these plugins.

You can purchase these plugins from PolarWebServices

To get your plugin(s) listed here please contact our helpdesk.

Click on to view more details about the plugin and to hide details

Click Climb Plug-in - Cash Plugins
Click Climbing is a plugin that allow you to run click contests. EXCELLENT way to increase your members activity.

  • Admin can create click contests from all paid links, emails/ptc.
  • You can create links for just emails, just ptc, or just point emails.
  • You can create cash links or point links or any combination of these for your contests.
  • Run multiple click contests at the same time, or just one, your choice !
  • The plugin counts emails only from the start date of the contest, so members cant save up emails to use.
  • Point and cash wins are credited automatically to the winners accounts.
  • The winners are notified automatically when the contest ends.
  • Your members can view live stats for the contest.
For more information and demo please visit Here

Price: $25.00 Click here to purchase this plugin
Contest PTC Plug-in - Cash Plugins
This plug-in will add a new paid to click section to your site, where you can set a number of clicks that is needed to give a prize randomly. All members who clicked on a link on this section will be entered in a draw to chose a winner when the number of clicks required is reached, a click here is like a raffle ticket, the more they click, the more chances they have to win the prize.

  • Ease of use. After doing the general setting and entering the prize details, the new contest ptc section is ready for use by memebrs.
  • Fully automated. The admin doesn't have to pick a winner. After the number of clicks required has been reached, the plugin automatically and randomly chooses a winner, and an email is sent to the winner with a message you set letting them know they have won.
  • Ability to run unlimited number of contest ptc ads at the same time, any click on any of these ads will be counted.
  • Saves time and effort on admins, no need to start and announce a new contest ptc always, one contest, wil lbe running always, with the ability to change the prize whenever there is a need to change it.
  • Like in normal paid to click section, admin can determine how much time should pass before the same member is allowed to click onthe same banner/link again. ( Hours to lock ad after it is clicked)
For more information and demo please visit Here

Price: $25.00 Click here to purchase this plugin
Quiz Master - Cash Plugins
This addictive trivia quiz plugin will help you to keep the web site more attractive. This script make it easy and automatic to run quizzes on your site, and can earn your site more money. This is to help Increase revenue to your site, Decrease site debt, Increase site Interest. Members can play for free pr they can wager for cash (or points) , free players if won will not share the pot for that quiz, but will be ranked depending on how many question they answered correctly during a trivia contest period, that can has unlimited number of quizzes. Admin can give prizes to the top 3 ranked players.

Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]

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