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CashCrusader Software Sendmail Server

Buy now using PayPal! Take control of your massmailing list only for $499!

CashCrusader Software Sendmail Server (CCSSS) is a virtual sendmail appliance designed for CashCrusader Scripts. It allows you to send all your emails from any other server on any other network where you host the appliance.

CCSSS greatly improves massmailing efficiency as it can automatically remove problematic email addresses which are bouncing, do not exist or are causing any other delivery problems on email delivery.

Massmailing rate is also controlled to prevent blacklisting the massmailer into spam lists. Rate control improves success rate of mailing and reduces amount of deferred and bounced emails.

  Features included in the massmailer server software

  • Supports round-robin binding to multiple IPs to distribute concurrent connections
  • Can round-robin as many as 253 IPs as long as they are all in the same network block
  • Automatically tags user accounts with the status of their email address: success, deferred or failure
  • Shows the last response received from a user's email service provider
  • Counters that keep track of how many deferrals or failures a user's email account has had
  • Flags user accounts to 'site inbox only' on these failures, and automatically sets them to retry at a later time
  • You can control how many times the CCSSS will retry sending individual email messages to a mailbox
  • You can control how many concurrent connections are allowed
  • Controlled email delivery rate to prevent blacklisting of the massmailer server and to reduce deferred and bounced emails
  • If the CCSSS is offline, CC scripts will fall back to using the local mailer

  Hosting providers supporting CCSSS

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