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Antifraud Plugins

Please notice that these are 3rd party plugins for CashCrusader script. We do not provide any warranty nor support for these plugins.

You can purchase these plugins from PolarWebServices

To get your plugin(s) listed here please contact our helpdesk.

Click on to view more details about the plugin and to hide details

Autosuspender 2.0 - PolarScripts / PolarWebServices
The famous anticheat plugin for CashCusader sites. Autosuspender 2.0 doesn't only save your valuable time it also saves money and gives you and your site much better reputation among advertisers.

Demo available: [here]

AutoSuspender admin feature list:
  • Advanced duplicate account finder
  • BadTuring number suspender
  • BotTrap suspender
  • CountryCheater suspender (uses GeoIP database)
  • CheatInterest suspender
  • Cheatlink suspender
  • EnglishTest suspender (requires free Admin Messages plugin)
  • Handy GeoIP database updater
  • Inactivity suspender (from last login/click date)
  • Leaves a note to suspended members account page in CashCrusader admin panel.
  • NAND-suspender*
  • PaidToSignUp ad cleaner and suspender
*Using NAND-suspender you can create interests such as I am female and I am male or age group interests and control that user selects only one of them and not all available

Price: $49.00 Click here to purchase this plugin
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Plugin information available here.

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